We love WordPress

WordPress is the world's most popular and fastest growing content management system and, thanks to the active open source community, forms the basis for more than 75 million websites.

WordPress is intuitive to use

The operation of WordPress is very easy and does not require any special previous knowledge or long training. Most of the elements - from the logo and colors, to menus and the content on each subpage - can be completely adjusted in the backend easily by dragging and dropping.

In the new WordPress block editor, the individual elements of the sub-pages are provided as blocks. These can be arranged individually on the individual pages. This almost completely avoids redundancies and at the same time enables a high degree of flexibility.

WordPress delivers flexible, complex tools for developers

WordPress combines simplicity for users with complexity under the hood for developers. WordPress delivers extensive tools directly out of the box. The core is based on its own extensive API interfaces that allow developers to adapt WordPress quickly and effectively. And that's exactly what makes WordPress so incredibly flexible and yet easy to use.

WordPress is well documented

WordPress has its own documentation team. This team is responsible for coordinating all WordPress documentation initiatives, including the Codex. The WordPress Codex is one of the most comprehensive resources on all aspects of WordPress - for beginners as well as developers. In addition, due to the huge open source community, you will find numerous tutorials and videos about every topic on the Internet.

WordPress is safe

WordPress has been evolving for more than 18 years. Vulnerabilities are discovered quickly due to the broad user base and the committed open source community. Corresponding patches are quickly developed by the security team and often made available within a few hours after notification.

WordPress has an integrated system that deploys updates and patches. WordPress cleans up all user input before it is saved in the database, restricts URL access, has a sophisticated user authorization system and never saves passwords in clear text.

WordPress leverages WordPress.com's 20 million users to test beta versions of WordPress before they go live. This ensures the stability of a new release before it is deployed.

WordPress is multilingual

WordPress is displayed in US English by default, but it can be used in any language. The WordPress community has already fully translated WordPress into more than 70 languages.

WordPress is licensed under GPL

The GPL is the free open source software license used by WordPress. It was chosen because it supports the philosophy of the project: The goal of creating a welcoming, inclusive community. The GPL license creates the fundamental values that the project believes in. It gives everyone the freedom to download, copy, use, study, and modify WordPress. This philosophy promotes the spirit of openness and sharing.

WordPress has an extremely active open source community

WordPress is a huge open source project and does not belong to a single company or person, but consists of many decentralized teams and WordPress enthusiasts. Tens of thousands of talented people from around the world helped create the great software that WordPress is today. With a library of more than 50,000 open source plugins and themes growing every day, and hundreds of contributors to each new release, the WordPress community is its own future-proof ecosystem.