We develop individual WordPress websites with high findability

WordPress websites are not only one of our services, but our core competence. We develop a tailor-made WordPress website for you that optimally presents your company - and thus ensures more inquiries and higher sales.

Flexible and scalable solution

With WordPress you get a flexible and scalable solution that, compared to other content management systems, performs better, costs less and is more effective - both initially and in the long term.

Page management is child's play

The operation of WordPress is very easy and does not require any special previous knowledge or long training. Most of the elements - from the logo and colors, to menus and the content on each subpage - can be completely adjusted in the backend easily by dragging and dropping.

In the new WordPress block editor, the individual elements of the sub-pages are provided as blocks. These can be arranged individually on the individual pages. This almost completely avoids redundancies and at the same time enables a high degree of flexibility.

Connection to your social networks and messaging services

Social media marketing is an everyday part of every successful business these days. A well thought out website can give your company a new face. This helps build trust, show the value of your brand and turn potential customers into fans. We have experience with the connection of all popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing and LinkedIn, but also messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack.

Multilingual websites

WordPress is available in more than 70 languages. Of course, we have already implemented many multilingual websites. We prefer to use the multisite function of WordPress for this. We also have a lot of experience with plugins such as WPML, Polylang and LocoTranslate.

Future-oriented solutions

WordPress is constantly evolving and has received an average of eleven updates per year over the past five years. If you sign a maintenance contract with us, we will ensure that your WordPress website is always up to date.

  • Daily scheduled, automatic backups of your website

    We carry out scheduled backups on a daily basis, which can be stored either directly in your Google Drive, Dropbox or on our servers for up to a year.

  • Manual installation of WordPress updates

    We also take care of the regular updates of WordPress and the installed plugins, themes and language files for you. We will then check whether your website is still working as expected and create an evaluation for you.

  • Free recovery service from our backup archive

    Should something go wrong, we can fall back on our backup archive and restore your website.

  • Data protection-compliant storage on servers in Germany

    If you wish, we will save your backups and make them available to you via download at any time. We store your data exclusively on servers in Germany and are therefore also subject to German data protection laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Our partner is ALL-INKL.com with data centers in Dresden.

WordPress 5.8.2 was released

2021-11-10 – Security & Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.8.1 was released

2021-09-09 – Security & Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.8 was released

2021-07-20 – Major Release

WordPress 5.7.2 was released

2021-05-12 – Security Release

WordPress 5.7.1 was released

2021-04-15 – Security & Maintenance Release

More inquiries and higher sales through the optimal presentation of your company

A website is only good if it fits your goals exactly. Target-oriented advice and great attention to detail create websites at whytelabel that are individually tailored to your requirements. Every website is just as individual as the company it represents. A WordPress website from whytelabel is not an off-the-shelf product, but rather unique and tailor-made to achieve the goals of your company. Your customers will notice that too. Our websites lead to more inquiries - and thus to higher sales.

Search engine optimization

Our WordPress websites are written with high quality source code. We generate semantic markup that makes your website very attractive to search engines. WordPress is already very search engine friendly by nature: Speaking URLs, automatically generated XML sitemaps, title and meta tags as well as optimized images help to improve your ranking. One of our experts will be happy to advise you with which additional SEO measures you can increase the visibility of your WordPress website.

Success that can be measured

At the beginning of our cooperation, we define together which goals you want to achieve with your WordPress website. We implement tools such as Google Analytics to make this measurable. Through the precise analysis and evaluation of the performance indicators (impressions, views, length of stay, bounce and conversion rate), we enable continuous optimization.