We take care of support and maintenance for your WordPress website

We support you in all tasks that you come across during your daily work with WordPress. If you sign a maintenance contract with us, we will ensure that your WordPress website is always up to date.

We update your website

WordPress is constantly evolving and has received an average of eleven updates per year over the past five years. If you sign a maintenance contract with us, we will ensure that your WordPress website is always up to date.

  • Daily scheduled, automatic backups of your website

    We carry out scheduled backups on a daily basis, which can be stored either directly in your Google Drive, Dropbox or on our servers for up to a year.

  • Manual installation of WordPress updates

    We also take care of the regular updates of WordPress and the installed plugins, themes and language files for you. We will then check whether your website is still working as expected and create an evaluation for you.

  • Free recovery service from our backup archive

    Should something go wrong, we can fall back on our backup archive and restore your website.

  • Data protection-compliant storage on servers in Germany

    If you wish, we will save your backups and make them available to you via download at any time. We store your data exclusively on servers in Germany and are therefore also subject to German data protection laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Our partner is ALL-INKL.com with data centers in Dresden.

WordPress 5.8.2 was released

2021-11-10 – Security & Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.8.1 was released

2021-09-09 – Security & Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.8 was released

2021-07-20 – Major Release

WordPress 5.7.2 was released

2021-05-12 – Security Release

WordPress 5.7.1 was released

2021-04-15 – Security & Maintenance Release

Hoster advice

Choosing a reliable host is often neglected, and a fast server is one of the key components of any successful website. Efficient hosting requires experience and know-how. We have experience with all major German hosters and are happy to help you choose the perfect server for your WordPress website or your WooCommerce shop.

Hoster move

There are a few things to consider when moving to a new hosting provider. We transfer your WordPress installation including all files to your new provider. We will also set up the database for you and import the database content of your WordPress website or your WooCommerce shop.

Domain change

Changing the domain is a particular challenge. We will take over the conversion of your domain and adjust all internal references within the database. We are also setting up 301 redirects from the old to the new domain.

SSL certificate

We will help you to order the SSL certificate from your provider. We check whether the integration of a free Let's Encrypt certificate is possible. Then we take over the conversion from the HTTP to the HTTPS protocol and adjust all internal references within the database. We are also setting up 301 redirects on the secure HTTPS connection.

PHP upgrade

New PHP versions are actively supported for about two years. During this time, errors and security gaps are corrected at regular intervals. In the following twelve months, only critical security gaps are closed. After that, the support will be completely discontinued. If you are still using PHP 7.2 or a previous version, you should start switching to version 7.4 or 8 as soon as possible.

The PHP upgrade not only makes your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop more secure, but also significantly faster. PHP operations require fewer resources, and in particular the CPU processing power can be reduced considerably. At the same time, the new version is more economical in terms of memory consumption. This means that twice the number of operations can be performed with the same server performance. This is clearly noticeable in the loading time of your website and therefore also has a positive effect on your Google ranking.

Upgrading to a new PHP version can lead to unforeseen difficulties. Therefore, we first transfer your website to a development environment in order to test the new version there. If everything works, we will carry out the PHP upgrade on your server. Then we update the WordPress core as well as the installed plugins, themes and language files.

We optimize your website

Visitors who have to wait go straight to your competitors. This leads to high bounce rates and lost sales. We optimize the performance of your WordPress website - and thus increase your conversation rate.

We expand your website

Content is king. In the stressful everyday life, however, editorial maintenance is sometimes a nuisance. Gladly do it for you. We correct spelling mistakes, expand existing subpages and create new blog posts, landing pages and product pages based on the content and media you provide.

We translate your website

Our team can translate your WordPress website or your WooCommerce shop into German, English or Dutch by native speakers. There are a lot of translators for many other languages in our network.

We have experience with all major German hosters

In the 9 years that we have already developed websites, we have looked after websites for our customers at all major German hosters. As a result, we have already been able to gain a lot of valuable experience and know about the special features of the respective providers - and are happy to pass them on to you.